Shout Out To My Amigas!

I'd like to dedicate this post to my wonderful friend/book soulmate Isalys!

So, Isalys and I have this "thing" that we do on Sundays. We spend the ENTIRE afternoon roaming around B&N and we browse EVERY section. First, right when we walk through the doors, we stop... and we sniff the air. Why you ask? Because we sniff books!

We love how when we walk through those doors the smell of books just smacks us in the face. After sniffing the air like little love struck puppies, we'll walk (slightly skip) through the center aisles and browse the clearance section and check out the different tables scattered throughout the store to see what goodies they have for us this week. We literally stop at every table to browse EVERYTHING. After, we'll proceed down the aisles to our favorite little sections which include (but are not limited to) the European History section *sigh*, YA - Young Adult Section *double sigh*, and the Romance Section (Isa is totally into bodice ripper books right now so I'll throw in a *triple sigh* for her!). After we spend a few hours of doing this and we have enough books in our hands to make them start cramping, we'll head down to the cafe. We always order the same things... our favorite Black Tea and the brownie that we split :) We will then sit for a few more hours and flip through all the books we have.

I'm explaining all of this, for one, so you can get to know us, and two because last weekend I spotted a TOTALLY awesome book in the bargain section that we both fell in love with! It's called King and Queens by Richard Cavendish! Unfortunately there was only one left so I told Isa that she should get it, and she did :) Well guess what my wonderful friend did next?? She went to another B&N that was nearby and bought me the same book!!! Is that not awesome or what?! I was sooooo extremely happy and touched by that wonderful gesture that I couldn't contain it! I even called my mom to tell her! LOL!

So Anyhoo... I just thought I'd take the time to share this little tidbit with you all and let everyone know how cool my book soulmate is!

I'd like to thank Nely for "hooking us up" with a wonderful Chuck E Cheese package the other night for our friends birthday party!! Thanks My friend!

Here is a picture of my wonderful book:

I love my bookish girls!


  1. Your Sunday afternoon's and Barnes and Nobel sound like fun! I sniff books too! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  2. I used to sniff glue - but I've mended my ways and now I only sniff books... :D

  3. That is so awesome she found that book for you!! I love that book, I loved all the photos and a fabulous little summary of all the kings from way before that I had not read about yet. Pay attention to the King Stephen one, I enjoyed that.. it corresponds to Penman's newest trilogy which are AWESOME.

  4. Thanks Marie! Will do :)

    Nely my friend, don't lie.. we all know you still sniff glue

    Nan: I think we all secretly sniff books!

  5. ahhhhh I love Isa and that was such a nice thing for her to do but I know she is so like that by the way I totally smell the air when I go to Barnes and Noble or Borders so you guys are totally normal in my book


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