Manic Monday...New Book Cover!

Here is Dan Brown's book cover for his upcoming release "The Lost Symbol".

I love it! What do you guys think??

Are you guys excited for this book?
Do you plan on reading it?

♥ Vanessa


  1. I'm excited, since I really enjoyed both Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code :)

  2. i agree with miss cindy. i loved those too. the new book looks good. gotta give to dan brown. great author.

  3. OMG--at first, I thought this was a "Monday Mailbox" post, and I was so, so jealous!

    Yes, I do like the cover, it kinda evokes "The Secret" to me. I guess it's the old wax seal.

  4. Actually kind of tired of seeing the old wax seal since it has been used a few times this year already. I do not know if I will read this, the Da Vinci Code bored me to death! And I don't like the character of Dan Brown when I saw him on a talk show, so I think I am a little jaded there.

  5. I am excited about the new book and will read it - cover is just ho hum though.

  6. I am definitely excited to read this new book. I love Dan Brown's books. Granted I have only read The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons but both were fantastic to me.


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