Thursday's Thoughts 7.30.09...Earn extra giveaway points

While on yesterday's discussion topic of Vampires, we thought we'd make today's quiz about them too :)

1. Who was the Hungarian countess who killed young women to bathe in their blood, believing this would keep her eternally youthful?
2. This fictional character was frequently played by Bela Lugosi?
This vampire first appeared in Ann Rice's "Interview With the Vampire"?
4. This character appeared in the 1922 German silent film "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens"?
5. This character was created in 1981 as a hostess for the horror movie program "Movie Macabre"?
6. This female vampire is the title character in the novelette by British writer Sheridan Le Fanu?
7. What historical figure did Bram Stoker base his character of Dracula upon?
8. In the movie "The Lost Boys" which character was the head vampire?
9. Which character in Poppy Z. Brite's "Lost Soul"' was not a vampire?
10. Who was the vampire in the 1960s' soap opera "Dark Shadows"?

• All answers must be submitted via EMAIL only to
booksoulmates [at] gmail [dot] com.
Simply post a comment saying that your answers have been sent.
• Each question is worth 1 extra point for a potential maximum of 10 points.
• Each point is redeemable for an extra entry in the giveaways
(that's up to 10 extra entries)
Everyone has until Wednesday, 8.12.09 to submit their answers for this quiz.

NOTE: Answers submitted to this quiz will be applied to entries for
Wicked Wednesday Giveaway 7/29 - 8/12


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