Holy Hot Werewolf ♥

Good morning ladies!

Perez Hilton has published on his site a new promo pic of cutie Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black for New Moon. I must say that Taylor has been promoted from cutie to MAJOR hottie!!!

Check it out and try to keep the drooling to a minimum! LOL

He's just beautiful!!

Click here if you want to visit Perez's site.


  1. Honestly, just look at that face! And don't say I didn't warn you...try not to get drool all over the keyboard! LOL


  2. OMG totally hot Im so team Edward but Taylor makes Jacob look WOWOWOWOWOW

  3. Taylor looks HOT! :D

    I can't believe that he nearly didn't get Jacob's role in the second movie (I read it in a magazine). You can't NOT cast THAT! :)


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