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So every Wednesday night, Vanessa and I would meet up with our friends at Barnes & Noble...this is how Wicked Wednesday was born! We sit at the Starbucks inside B&N, drink tea and talk until they kick us out. Vanessa and I usually disappear for about an hour or so to browse (and sniff, lol) the books :)

I hadn't been able to go for a month (I was starting to have night sweats) because June is such a busy month for me. This June, I had - you guys ready? 8 birthdays, a wedding, a funeral, a baby shower, father's day and my in-laws visiting for a week...talk about hectic!

Last night was the first time I'd gone in 4 weeks. Walking in was such a blissful moment *sigh* I truly love the smell of books (it's like being wrapped in a warm blanket)! So of course, I find Vanessa browsing the clearance section with a basket already FULL to the brim of books. By the end of the night, I spent my $25 gift card plus another $45 out of pocket.

This is what I went home with *shhhh, my husband doesn't know!*

Because I don't have enough books already, I had to leave with not 2 or even 3 books but 7 books! Good Lord, what was I thinking? I have to admit to feeling a tiny little pang of guilt over my excessive purchase. However, I'm allowed one vice right??? I could have a worse habit! LOL

I texted my friend and fellow blogger Nely and told her how I basically went nuts and I admitted to needing an intervention. Unforuntately, she said she wouldn't be the right person because she'd be there egging me on! This is what happens when your friends are bookaholics too!

Happy Faux Friday everyone!
♥ Isalys ♥


  1. That sounds SO fun! I don't really have any friends who read like I do or understand that feeling I get when I walk into a book store - it's definitely like being wrapped in a warm blanket! I so know what you mean!! It's just instant relaxation for me, my oasis. It looks like you got some good ones there ;)

  2. LOL! I love this post!! We really are crazyyyyy! When I got home and showed my mom the books she just looked at me and started cracking up! She couldn't believe I had BOUGHT more books!! LOL. I was like "Mom, don't you know me?!" I LOVE US!! Too bad Nely wasn't there! Im sure she would have bought some books too!! LOL


  3. P.S. The Rossetti Letter was a bargain book for 5.98!!

  4. I love it!!! I woulda egged you on and done majore damage myself. Too bad I missed out last night... I'll definitely be there next week.


  5. *sighs* makes me want to cry..it's been a while since I bought more than 4 books. One day. When I win the lottery I suppose. :)

  6. I'm having withdrawals not being in Borders in a while, LOL. I figured too, these reading, these books make me happy and we only have one life so enjoy it to the full!! No more guilty feelings. LOL. Those look great. I adore Nicola Cornick, Elizabeth Boyle and Elizabeth Hoyt's historicals! I need to get the first in Hoyt's series of TASTE OF TEMPTATION, then I can read that series! I heard so much good about it! I have that series of Gena Showalter and must read soon! Never heard of that Jane Austen theme book! I must check it out. Great shopping trip!

  7. Go Isa woo hoo just don't tell your hubby lol
    they all look great so enjoy them woo hoo BOOKADDICTS are we (LOL)


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