What Do You Look For?

As an avid reader and now a book reviewer, I've realized that there are certain things I've come to expect from books. I find that there are key elements that must be present in order for me to truly enjoy a book and give it a stellar rating. That's not to say that a book that doesn't meet my "criteria" can't or won't be enjoyed...but I might find it incomplete or lacking.

Now I don't want to sound stuck up by any means! I have nothing but respect for authors because they're doing something that I think I could. However, as a reader, I've realized that I have gotten into the habit of scrutinizing books more thoroughly than I used to!

Here are the things that I look for in what I consider a good book:
  1. Well-developed and multi-dimensional characters. People are complicated...characters should be too!

  2. A complex and thorough plot with some element of mystery. Something's gotta keep you intrigued, right? Otherwise, what's to stop the pages from turning.

  3. If it's a romance, then I like there to be some sort of tension between the hero and heroine. I don't want them to just immediately fall in love & live HEA. Where's the fun in that?

  4. The language must fit the setting & characters in the book. I've read books where the dialogue doesn't match the character's age or personality and it throws me off.

  5. If an author mentions a historically significant event, PLEASE be accurate in the details of that event! I cannot tell you how much it IRKS me that an author would 're-write history' to suit their storyline. The story should fit the history, not the other way around! This is why I could never get into Phillipa Gregory!

  6. Please make sure that all loose ends are tied by the finale. If there is a mystery, solve it! If there is a conflict, resolve it! I don't like to be left hanging. Cliffhangers are strictly reserved for books that have a sequel.

    {I think that's it for me...unless I think of something else later! LOL}
What do you guys look for in the books you read?
I really wanna know...so spill it!

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  1. This is a great list! I’ll say when it comes to cliffhangers I don’t even like them in books with a sequel. I’m fine with leaving some questions unanswered but when it seems like the author ends in the middle of the scene I get frustrated. The House of Night series by P.C Cast and Fever series by Karen Marie Moning are two that have made me wonder if my copy was missing pages LOL. Of course I still keep reading them ;)


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