Tempting Tuesday: Some Girls Bite Chapters 13-15


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Week 4 Discussion Questions: Chapters 13-15
  1. Chapter 13 opens with Merit describing her new job routine as House Sentinel. Considering that every job at Cadogan House is important in helping to make the house run efficiently, which job do you think you'd like to have (guard, cook, social director, gardener, etc.) and why?
    Oh, Social Director for sure :) Anyone who knows me knows that I'll take any excuse to plan a party!  I would throw the most wicked, vampire-chic parties evahhh!  *gets out day planner*

  2. In the supernatural world of Chicagoland Vampires, politics seem to play an important role in the way the Houses are run. Now that you've been introduced to the Rogues, do you think it's better for vampires to be a part of a House or to live outside of one?
    I imagine that iving in the House might seem a bit like living in a college dorm: you have a roof over your head, stability, security, a paycheck but you also have a pretty strict set of laws & rules to live by.  Without really knowing what Rogue life is like, perhaps they are vampire gypsies, I prefer that stability to living by the seat of my pants.

  3. After Morgan openly asks to court Merit, she feels betrayed when Ethan commands her to accept for the show of alliance it could bring to Cadogan House. Do you think her reaction was warranted?
    Yup! The practical, political side of my brain tells me that it was a smart move on Ethan's part to unite the Houses and forge a treaty (especially considering that those two houses aren't the best of friends). However, the woman in me was pretty damn peeved that Ethan would treat Merit like a pawn and not a person [insert DUH!]  While I do believe that Merit has every reason to be upset, she needs to put on her Big Girl Panties now because what's done is done.  Besides, boys want what other boys want! She might just get a chance to make Ethan a little jealous ;)

  4. When Ethan meets with the perpetrator of the murders, were you surprised to discover who it was? If you suspected someone, were your suspensions correct? What did you think of the perpetrator's motive?
    Sorta, kinda...I didn't trust Celina.  Something about her just didn't feel right!  I didn't outright suspect her of being the murderer but I wasn't shocked by it either.  Oh and that Amber chick *shakes fist at*  And as for Morgan, he's not off the hook yet.  How could her second know nothing?  I don't believe that!   As for the motive, I believe it was plausible if not at all rational (then again, they rarely are!)

  5. What was your favorite/least favorite parts of Some Girls Bite?
    I loved the banter between Merit and Mallory...and with Catcher and Jeff.  Mallory and Jeff cracked me up!  I also ate up the sexual tension between Merit and Ethan...I'm just waiting for that dam to break *rubs hands and laughs evilly*

    Least Faves:
      The fact that they ate human food.  Dude, I can't let that one go.  It just bugged the crap out of me.  And drinking soda for breakfast grosses me out *shudder*  Merit's whining also got a bit old.  Yes, you were a grad student.  Yes, you were almost done.  Yes, you got turned at a very inconvenient time.  And yes, it was without consent.  Shit happens, just deal with it now!  There are worse alternatives, like say, being DEAD!

  6. What do you think is coming up next for Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?
    I already have book 2 sitting on my shelf waiting patiently :) I hope to see a bit more progress on the Merit & Ethan love-stand-off. I hope to see Merit kick ass because she totally has the potential.  I also hope to see her take her new role seriously and begin to accept and trust her house because she's in it for the long haul now!


  1. LOL- we could totally be the social directors of the year!! I love throwing party's and don't even mind cleaning up after.

    Ok and Im so with you on the food....Merit was like three football players with the amount of food she consumed!! If I had to be a vampire, I want to be the drinking soda, eating hamburger kind....:D

  2. I have to say I love the way your mind works woman:) Ethan very well may have shot himself in the foot by handing Merit over to Ethan where she will be even further from his emotional and physical reach than she was before his move of epic asshatnness. And I can definitely see you as social director, you would have my vote!

  3. Oh I could see it---you totally could whip up a party of epic proportions with all the appropriate vampire gaudiness!

    The food thing---it was weird! I will admit it!

  4. I seriously want to hug you right now! Thank you! You summed up my exact thought on Merit, too. Dying would have been a helluva lot more inconvenient, Merit, so take what you've been given and work with it. Jeez! And I don't believe that Morgan knew nothing. If Amber knew, so did he.

    My new mission in life is to work my way up the social ladder so I could be invited to one of your fabulous parties! :)

  5. P.S. It really bugged me too that the vampires could eat food! I freaking love vampires. I read about them a lot. And every time I come across vamps that can eat human food, they just don't really seem like vampires to me.

  6. One of my favorite lines from the entire series is in book 2, I think. I love the banter, and it was definitely one of my favorite parts.

  7. Yeah, Merit's whining really got to me. But hopefully she's past all that now.
    Social Director! Perfect choice!

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