Blogger Group Chat: Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace


Below is ROUND 2 of our Blogger Group Chat featuring:
Isalys / Book Soulmates
Ashley / The Bookish Brunette
Amy / Book Loving Mom
Smash / Smash Attack Reads!
Loretta / Between The Pages

Isalys: So first things first, we need to rock, paper, scissors or some shit for who gets Mirko! LOL 

Ash: No! There ain’t no rock, paper, scissors biotch!!! He’s ALL mine! #ZombieQueen fact.

Smash: I told you that hooka would resist, Isa! ←- She knows me well... I know, I know...but dude, sharing is caring!! Since when have I been the “sharing and caring” type when it comes to lickable boy toys? Just sayin. ←-She speaks truth. Regardless, I want to pretend I have Saturday mornings and Thursdays after dinner... Well, if he suddenly disappears on Friday nights, don’t look at me *whistles & looks away* Lying looks bad on you, chic. He will be otherwise PREOCCUPIED on Fridays and every other day.  ← with me! =) BAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough*bitch*cough* Oh I love your face! I LOVE YOUR FACE more!

Loretta: No, seriously. He is not all yours! Um... He’s totally mine! *YUM* ← Now, now... Don’t make me pull out the “I love you whore, but...” haha! Oh my! But, seriously. =) I think #ZombieQueen means business lol! Dude we can share!! ;) ← Amy has a point. Listen to AMY! *waves flag around* Right?! There’s totally enough Mirko to go around!! He’s totes man enough!  I have absolute faith that he can handle all us sexy bitches ;) Holla! Oh, yeah! *YES*

Ash: No... I shan’t (HEY!! Grammar Nazi... is this a word?? hehe) share. Mine. I want to mess up his bed. *snort*  That line was a major WIN!! Right? I stole it from the book... Remember But of course ;)

Smash: So. What else was this book about...? Haha!! You know...Brooke, and Jaren vampires and such stuff. There’s another dude and a BFF and some vampires right?

Loretta: So how did you all like... Jaren? Jaren who? ← I didn’t NOT like Jaren... I just liked Mirko WAAAY more! ßThis He was sweet at times, and I totally think he didn’t mean to be a jerk... I think he was in SHOCK and like WTF?!  At first, yes...and then he became a jerk! Annoying dude. Brooke was having a hard time deciding who to pick. WHAT? I mean... BROOKE COME ON. Jarren is a … chump! Agreed...I liked him until he was all “I just can’t accept you even though you saved my life.”  And then he was making all googly-eyes at the vamp chick...bad Jaren, very bad! Right. Then he is all like, I need some time.. apart. ugh. He was annoying.. OMG!! I thought Jaren was such a tool!! and YES, a tool, AMY!  Like seriously dude, make up your friggin mind. You can’t seriously expect her to just take you back every time you change your mind!!  But hold on because girlfriend was not ready to let go!  You got all hunky-manmeat Mirko asking you to “choose him” and the answer should be DUH! ←-- Seriously!! WTF is wrong with her not jumping all over that!! I understand that he was her first love, but I’m not the type of girl you scorn and I’ll take it so I have a hard time relating to characters who do that. For real, it was like he only wanted her back once he knew his competition was super freaking yummy!! And it drove me bonkers that he was freaked out by Brooke being a vamp but then he was all flirty-flirty w/ the southern chick. Excuse me?! Do you think maybe hobag was using the whatsitcalled? The glamouring thing. YES!! I think she was totally using her vamp tramp powers on Jaren!!!! LMAO!! Vamp tramp!! So true and awesome!! If I were a vamp, I’d be a tramp. #JustSayin Duuuude, who says you gotta be a vamp? ;)  My husband, and then my kitties, and finally my women parts. :) Meh. Details, details...  

Smash:I loved Jaren in the beginning. The insta-love was a bit much but he was sincere, it seemed. I really connected to the conversation he had with Brooke about their absent fathers. And then, he flipped out, which I can’t blame him and decided he needed time apart, but then wanted to stake a claim when Mirko came on the scene. Um, hells to the no. And to this I say, damn skippy! It was like the whole Gale vs Peeta debacle...Jaren wanted his toy back when another boy wanted to play with it. Awwww! Poor Gale. *sniff*

Smash: So...Brooke? I have to admit the opening scene with the mountain lion was kinda er, too unbelievable for me. I know it’s a paranormal fantasy book, but they didn’t bat an eye during that opening scene. If I would have stared down a mountain lion (who ran off, mind you), I think I would have swiftly fainted, and followed it up with a stiff drink. lol 

Isalys: I actually agree! I pretty much thought the same thing.  I wasn’t sold on that scene and for her to go all David Copperfield on the lion without so much as wondering WHY it happened...? 

Ash: But she SAW that guy in the trench coat thing and KNEW something was up... not saying I wouldn’t have been UBER creeped out and like shitting my pants, but I think after she saw that dude- she knew something crazy was up... Like HE was responsible for the mountain lion and calling him off.  
Smash: I understand her seeing creepy dude, but I don’t recall any worrying or freaking out or Say what? afterwards. ← This.  How did she even know she could communicate w/ the lion though?  Was it instinctual and why wasn’t she like, “Damn, that’s new!”? LOL. Picturing Isa saying this IRL is so much win! :D Haha! Total win!!  I think it was total like ‘basic instinct’... she did it without thinking, without even understanding WHAT she was doing until it was over. You know? I fully agree with you! I definitely think it was just a basic instinct thing. I mean, we know she kinda freaks out when she finds out what she is. (That’s not a spoiler is it?) Nah! Nooo... it happens at the VERY beginning... so it’s not like we’re spoiling the PLOT.  The opening scene rocked it for me. I was in that book. The creepy ass dude, it was freaky.  Then she whooped his ass! *Killed it* I can kinda understand Brooke because she saw the dude, but Kaitlynn was just like, too not freaked out about it. They were so chill about it, like, well that was weird. Call you later!! I think I definitely would have pissed myself and passed out lol!!  Yea, where the hell was Kaitlynn in that moment? Painting her toenails? lol Dude. I LOVED Kaitlynn!! She is TOTALLY me dude... Just out there, like, “whaaat?” ;)  Oh, I heart Kaitlynn.  She’s an awesome friend...funny, supportive and loyal til the end! Totally agree with you both. Kaitlynn was absolutely awesome. ←This!! Kaitlynn was great. A friend anyone would want to have. I will leave my issues with her parents allowing her to leave for an extended amount of time with little explanation out of this. It’s the social worker in me. :) Bahaha! HAHAHA!!!!

Smash: On to a more awesome aspect of Brooke. I loved how meek, mild, tame, nervous she was in the beginning. She couldn’t speak up in class, or approach Jarren. But then, give chic a hot instructor, light her hormones up like the 4th of July, hurt some people she cares about and BAM! How ya like me now!?  Dude, I love you!!  That was awesome and accurate!  One of my numero uno favorite aspects is character growth and I was so impressed with Brooke’s :) I agree! She ends up being so badass and I love it! It takes her a while, but that’s why it’s so great. She grows into it. She does. She takes her legacy and goes with the flow, like a scary ass rapids going over a waterfall. :)  She had a hard time w/ it at first but that’s understandable and having Mirko to be like, “yo, it is what it is so deal” helped! Well, I would pretty much do anything Mirko told me to, so ya know! ;) ← Right.. especially when he says.. “Will you mess up my bed with me” Damn right boo!! I for sure will. =) RIGHT? That was one of my FAV lines EVER!!!!

Smash: I love that she stands up to him though! Mostly because it makes him burn 10x brighter and Holy Charred Retinas, Batman! but yea, she gives him personality and attitude back. Makes for a much steamier story. teehee. Hellz to the yea! I’m sure Mirko appreciates a feisty woman ;) Feisty is my middle name, after all...I love that he was so accepting of her...granted, he’s the same “species” but you get me.  (Damn...we always end up back at Mirko.  This is Angeline’s fault =P) It ALWAYS goes back to Mirko for me... Not even JOKING. He is SOOOO uber effing HOT. #MoreMirko. #MoreMirko. #MoreMirko That’s my new favorite hashtag! EPIC WIN!!

There was a plot and bad guys too, right? lol Sure, secrets and all sorts of action stuff lol! OHHHH. You just made me think of the ENDING! *gasps* Yeah dude!  Serious friggin’ nail biter! Right?! That ending has me needing Enemy Within! I needed it like right when I read the last page! ←Totally left me wanting book 2! I wonder what will happen? I wonder also, who will Brooke choose!! It better be Mirko. Well... Not BETTER be.. but.. Yeah! I would want to smack her if she doesn’t choose Mirko! I just don’t think Jaren is nearly good enough for her.  I hope that kiss at the end (if you recall which one I’m talking about) was GOOD-BYE kiss *wink wink*nod nod* EXACTLY! I HOPE FRIGGIN SO! Book 2 ASAP for this Brunette... seriously. I feel so bad, I always ask Angeline how book 2 is coming. I know she is super busy though. Hell, Brooke can leave Mirko in the dust! I am quite fine with her leaving him on my doorstep. #MoreMirko Well YEAH!!  haha. True! #MoreMirko for us! Who said I was sharing? ← You don’t get him. He’s ALREADY with me. Remember?? Oh snap, here we go again, lol! *facepalm*  

#MoreMirko #MoreMirko #MoreMirko LOL ← Totally AGREE!!! I need MIRKO like HARD. HA!!!! I bet you do *DIES* Dude. Don’t even THINK I wouldn’t. Hard, slow, soft, sideways, backward, whatever yo. #SluttyBrunette Oh hell. “You’ve just tuned in to Fantasy Book Porn, where your hosts forever wave their slut flag for their favorite fictional men. Thanks for joining us tonight. We have a live bunch in the studio...” ←--Hahaha!! Seriously dying at this!! You know we can’t help it. ;) We have creative minds and awesome fantasies!  OMG, that *needs* to be our intro from now on!  

And with that, we end week # 2 of "Month of Indie Epicness". We hope you had fun and that you return next week for week # 3 =) 


  1. EPIC!! We are so rocking it with the group chats. I really need to finish reading Inhale so I am ready for next weeks chat. This post was awesome!! Hehehe #MoreMirko

  2. OMG!!!! This is HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE you chicks so freakin' much!! And yes, "We have creative minds and awesome fantasies!" totes needs to be your intro of awesome! Thank you ladies SOO MUCH for having me be apart of this event! I'm truly honored and blown away by your EPICNESS! Seriously! You chicks ROCK!!! LMAO!!

  3. This was good! Where is our closing statements? ..
    We always rock the chat!

  4. Replies
    1. Dude. This is what I was thinking... Like HOLY LORD... We really did. Lol

  5. And the epicness continues! Love these chats ladies and BTW, last week's Exiled chat pushed me to read Descended by Blood. Thank you!

  6. Our closing statements were probably too boring for such an epic post!! And yes, we totally went there lol!!!

  7. ROFL this was EPIC and hilarious!!! Loved it :)))

  8. That was effing amazing you guys. I'm friggin' crying from how hard I'm laughing.

  9. We are too freaking hilarious if I do say so myself!! LMFAO


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