Letter to Jenny


We asked J.L. Bryan to put together is guest post for our feature and he thought it would be appropriate to create a letter to Jenny (from Jenny Pox) written, appropriately enough, by her soulmate...
Dear Jenny,

Spoken words run too fast and thin to express what I must say to you. I must write this letter to you instead, so that there may be some hope of more fully conveying my true feelings, and choosing only the words that will reveal rather than obscure all that I mean to share.

I have always known, somehow, that you were out there waiting for me to discover you. My heart has stalked this dark world like a ravenous wolf, hunting without knowing the cause of the unquenchable hunger driving me restlessly onward. I have looked into the darkest places in search of a glimmer of light.

Despair was my constant companion until I found you. All that you stir and awaken in me makes me so much more than I was, as if I were merely sleepwalking until you first touched me. It was then that I knew for certain we’d found each other yet again, and this lifetime could at last begin.

It is so difficult for me to express how the depth of love between us transcends life and death, and we find each other again and again down through the millennia. My memories of the past stretch through the rise and fall of forgotten empires, through wars and famines and plagues, and in all of this suffering you are the bright and golden thread weaving so many of my lives together, bringing purpose to so much that would otherwise be without meaning.

I hope that you have awakened to some sense of this: the mad passions that have possessed us, the enemies we have vanquished, the cities we have ravaged and kingdoms we have crushed. The ecstasy and horror of what we become together is my only reason to live, the only reason I return to these miserable bonds of flesh again and again. When we do not have flesh, we cannot touch, and I thirst to have bodies again so that we can embrace more fully than our native fleshless form allows.

But now you have returned to me, my love, the only light in my universe. And again we will be together, as we are always meant to be. Now that I have found you, my other half, I cannot bear for us to be apart again.

You are the sole owner of my heart, now and for all eternity.

Sincerely, with all the love I have to offer,
Your soulmate
J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on the English Renaissance and Romanticism. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, their baby son, and some eccentric dogs and cats. He is the author of The Paranormals series (Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, Alexander Death) and the Songs of Magic series (Fairy Metal Thunder, Fairy Blues, and Fairystruck).

And this pretty much made me want to melt into a giant puddle of girly goo! Damn female hormones!  Thank you J.L. Bryan for getting female loins everywhere a-throbbin'


  1. Sigh! I just loved this!!


  2. OMG!! *Swoon* Love it!! I will make time to read this series. I WILL!!!

  3. Wow... That is a pretty... um... toe-curling love letter. I don't think I know a single person who wouldn't want their love to write them a letter like this.

  4. *sigh*

    I LOVE Alexander... I know I'm not supposed to... But I just can't HELP myself!!!!

  5. I have to say that this was both beautiful and creepy. lol

    Ashley, I LOVED Alexander too! He was a wicked interesting character. :D

  6. I agree with Smash Attack!. sweet and creepy. Who'd a thunk they'd go together. Gotta go read this book now! :)

  7. {new follower here}

    This was a nice read. Thank you for sharing.



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