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Below is our FINAL ROUND of our Blogger Group Chat featuring:
Isalys / Book Soulmates
Ashley / The Bookish Brunette
Amy / Book Loving Mom
Smash / Smash Attack Reads!
Loretta / Between The Pages 

I’m not even really sure where to start with this

This was my first Indie rodeo!  Before "Month of Indie Epicness", I hadn’t read any.  I purposely stayed away but I’m glad I finally got over that because I’ve read some amazing books.  Jenny Pox blew my friggin’ mind (for like the 16th time).  Agreed. Not to sound like Indie authors don’t deliver, because um, obviously they do, but I really was not expecting what I received! I was really, really impressed with this entire series.

I’m getting excited for Tommy Nightmare.  If Jenny was that good, I know Tommy will be too! Isa, it is amazing. As well as the last one! I want so much more. I want more books!!  Ya hear that J.L.?  You better get crack-a-lackin’ =P

Ohhh! The social worker in me came out gunnin’ during Tommy’s story! Do we see more of Ashleigh in Tommy’s book? Oh hell, that hooker is with us through it all. {Dammit! Hated that ho...damn good villain though!}  We get new people each book, however, and they are all intricately connected. It’s a seriously wicked plot of epic proportions. The whole thing is quite brilliant, really! As I said in my Jenny Pox review, “Just when you think this book is about three people with paranormal abilities, the author kicks up the lore and story into high gear, and presents the reader with a serious expansion of the world the likes of which will have your jaw hanging low.” ← THIS  I will just make comments on your stuff since I didn’t read it. I really suck!! Fail on my part. When you finally read it, I will be cheering you on via Twitter! I will be sure to update you ;) We need to get Isa on books 2 and 3 now! Yes Amy. It is amazing! *sigh* & YES, Isa, the next 2 books are JUST as freaking amazing!

So this is easily one of my top TWO favorite books EVER. Just throwing that out there ;) Dude, if I didn’t have like 30 things I NEED to read, I would read it right now.  Yes! I loved these books so much!!! All of them! Especially Jenny Pox. I mean it was the 1st so it is sorta special. lol Me too! I loved all three... but Jenny Pox will always hold a SUPER special place in my heart!

The series is awesome to say the least. I was like WOW! What the…fuck. Agreed!!! I’ve read good and bad indie books, but J.L. Bryan’s Jenny Pox was BEYOND amazing! Seriously, BLEW me AWAY. He is a really awesome person too. I love chatting with him on twitter.  What the...fuck? is RIGHT!

ABOUT JENNY: So what did everyone think about the characters? My heart went out to the characters, especially Jenny. The sorrow and sadness and what-did-she-do-to-deserve-this-shit was palpable. Jenny BROKE MY HEART!!! I cried and CRIED. I FELT Jenny’s pain. I FELT her isolation. I needed to hug her. Save her from everything. ← Yes! This. I cried on the 1st PAGE!  Another book that is going to break me?! I am still gathering my heart back up from the last book I read. This series will get ya! It has very touching moments and very Dat Bitch! moments, too! Yes! These books will fill you with so many emotions! They will leave you thinking about the characters long after you finish the last book. I still want MORE.  Jenny didn't start off strong which would normally annoy me but considering her circumstances, it's completely understandable and it makes you feel so much empathy for her.  She just cannot touch anyone. Nothing. Until she meets someone of course, it was just so hard on her. She had only ever gotten love from one person and it was still from a distance. It's so hard to imagine that kind of loneliness. *sniffle*

NOW ABOUT ASHLEIGH: If we’re going to talk about Ashleigh next, then I should leave. My language may offend. Offend who? Oh, the readers of the lovely blog post that will come of this chat. Oh I hated her! Yeah, I will not be very lady like.. like I ever was.. but you know.. Ashleigh was not a character I liked AT ALL. Me either dude. She was a fucking c*nt. Hated her with a fiery passion. Swear I would have beat that bitch down and gave her the pox just for the fun of it!  Ashleigh provided such stellar drama to the story! She WAS a GREAT character, I just HATED her. But not to the extent that I hated the STORY bc she was a whore. Or... not actually. LOL I said the same thing in my review, then corrected myself because the slut is a virgin! It really doesn’t fit her character, which confuses the shit out of you, which is good! Home girl has manipulation down to a fuggin science, yo. She played a good EVIL BITCH, that's for sure. She had that damn role down.  Sounds like I am going to hate her with a passion. Especially if Ashley hates her. She usually likes the ones I hate. ;) Yes, Ashley hates Ashleigh! YOU WILL TOO!! lol  I’m still not convinced that Ashleigh isn’t the anti-Christ cuz girlfriend fit the profile to a motherfuggin’ T!  HAHA!  I could not agree one ounce more. She is a true piece of art wrapped up in a pretty package. Which is what makes her such a great villain...she’s so manipulative and deceiving!  Like I said in my review, people thought she was "sugar and spice when she's really venom and claws."
*sigh* Here Jenny finally finds someone she can ‘touch’. Oh my my my!!  Ooooh... I LOVED Seth. He SAVED Jenny. Wait! I gotta go find my favorite part:
“Will you keep me safe?” she whispered. -Jenny
“I promise.” -Seth
“Then I’ll go anywhere with you.” -Jenny  

Oh, homeboy made me swoon! That is super swoon worthy!! I must read and find out more about this Seth...he sounds like he will melt my heart. YES, he will!  THAT quote STILL gives me chills! Oh dear lawdie. I have that quote as my top fav. *sigh* Seth surprised me. He really did. I was extremely in love? Ha! But yea, I was extremely smitten with Seth’s sincerity and honesty. Me too! I thought that Seth was an amazing character! He was great to Jenny!  But Ashleigh really did some work on poor Seth. MANIPULATION. I deal with it daily, but that ho was a master. I felt so bad for him, and then I was like C’MON. Break out of it. I wanted to smack them, lol. But, alas that is what Ashleigh was good for. I adored that we didn't get to meet the REAL Seth until he met the REAL Jenny.  As individuals, they were a reflection of their respective worlds (manipulation and isolation) but together, they were something else altogether!  (Ooh, look at me w/ my fancy words...someone needs to hand me a degree now please!)

Did we talk about the ending yet?  Cuz g’damn...that one scene with Seth and the people and stuff. Yeah, I had to yell at J.L. for that one!  LOL. Girl, that mayhem was EPIC. The visualization while reading the book was great. I could picture all of the sick twisted shiz that was happening. I love when an author pulls you in like that. Attached. Ohhh I love when I get really attached to the characters and feel like I know them for real. Oh, you will love Jenny and Seth, and want to pitch Ashleigh into a raging forest fire. Characterization was strong. Awesome. I love when an author has the ability to make the characters real. I was completely DUMBSTRUCK. The entire book was like... great... then the last 20 or so pages was like... BAM!! FUCKING EPIC. OMG right! My mouth was like =O Holy hell. What the what. That was an amazingly epic ending for sure!!  That one chapter left me STOOPID! I could not believe what was happening and even though it was all a mess, I was proud of Jenny for finally growing a pair. And when she grew that pair, all hell broke loose. She didn’t grow a pair, she snapped. Like the crazed, beaten, bruised soul she is. But she heals, and it’s lovely.  Yeah, snapped is a better word for it.  I hated the scenes where she felt she had to walk with her head down...broke my heart and frustrated me at the same time. It’s not a fun thing to witness. You want to shake her and hug her simultaneously. She sounds so broken :( She is. The people at her school, Ashleigh + her minions were just so horrible to her. It was so sad to read. So the ending was just so gratifying. I have a feeling I am going to totally want to beat the shit out of Ashleigh. Get in line, lol!  She really sounds like an evil bitch!!  Drop everything. Read it tonight! I feel like I need to. Like, screw everything else for another day or two, lol

Ok, the bigotry and racism drove me effing  bonkers!  Me too! That stuff was insane. *gag*  But, people are still like that. Shameful but true. It worked well for the purpose of the story, but to think that shit like that still exists is sickening. I’m all for Christianity but the holier-than-thouness was not cool!  

OMG! You just made me think of Jenny’s dad. Her dad really was sweet!  The drinking was bothersome, but he never hurt her and he had his own grief to drown so I let it slide. I actually really adored him. He obviously had his own shit to deal with (in an unhealthy way) but he loved her unconditionally. Yes!  He sounds like a really interesting character too. He was just a really good dad...and that makes happy because cruel/hateful parents make me want to break their faces! LOL. I am both laughing and crying at your statement. FML.  *high five* NOW *hug* lol  Seriously though, you deal w/ this shiz daily...I know “dad” must have tugged at your heartstrings. Fo sho.

Thsi is not your “normal” YA. It is like MATURE RATED 'R' YA.  Amazing!  Uh yeah, that other scene...ya know the REALLY naughty one...I was like, o_O "Oh my!"  It’s not REALLY YA at all... it does HAVE younger adults IN IT, but I classify it as horror/paranormal/EPIC.

Ladies, thank you for recommending this book because it really was EPIC and EPIC is the best way to end our "Month of Indie EPICness".  Love ya bitchez!


  1. I have loved being part of the Indie Month of Epicness!! Thank you for all the work you put into putting this together! It was so fun, and I love you chicks! :)

  2. Wow, that was a pretty wild read! Thanks so much to all of you!! Especially to Isalys for having me this week, and Ashley, Smash & Loretta for pressuring her into it! LOL. It's been a great week, and I'm so glad you all liked Jenny Pox!

  3. This was truly awesome. I was pretty stoked to read this book before I read this, now it just kinda slipped to the top of my TBR list.

    Thanks for this month. For including me, for giving all of us some wicked content to read. These blogger chats were hilarious. I loved reading every one of them.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Such a damn fun and fantastic way to promote EPIC Indie authors! Thanks for doing this and having us, Isa! It was truly an honor and wicked fun to rave about truly talented Indie authors!

  5. Awe! It turned out so ...prefect!
    We actually had a one track mind in this one.. well...yeah!
    Thank you ladies for being so awesome & having me along for the amazingness of it all.
    You all + the authors we talked about are epic.
    Love you

  6. Great way to end the month. Jenny Pox definitely took me by surprise too. I still need to read the next two. It was also a great way to promote Indie authors. My kindle is full of their awesomeness. Great job ladies! Great job!

  7. loved this post it was epic! Jenny Pox is one of my all time fav books and I tell everyone I know to read it!

  8. Loved this feature! LOVED Jenny Pox... This entire thing was just EPIC!!!

    Sorry I dropped the ball on this discussion... My head was BAD that day!!!!


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