Guest Vlog with Kendall Grey


As part of Kendall's tour on Book Soulmates for Month of Indie Epicness, we invited her to record a special vlog where she gets to tell us, in her own special way, about her Urban Fantasy Romance as well as the ROCKSAUCE giveaway that we're currently hosting all in honor of INHALE!


"Special Book Soulmates vlog in which Kendall Grey tries to break the world's record for saying "umm" and "USB drive." :-)"

Rad giveaway, right? Want a chance to win one of those snazzy USB drives?

Visit our GIVEAWAY post to enter.


  1. OMG! OMGGGGGG. I am LOLing my face. off. K-Deezy FTW!

    Woah. That USB drive is wicked cool!


  2. I'm such a total goober. HAHAHA! Thanks, Smash. Definitely excited about donating the profits to the whales.

    I think someone should count how many times I say "Uh" and post it here. I predict I said it at least 20 times. HAHAHA!

    Thanks for having me on the blog, Isa and Vanessa!

  3. So weird since I used the term "Smexy" in talking about Gavin on Twitter! Seriously though, this book is amazeballs!! I'm loving Gavin and Zoe is so awesome with all her self-confidence and sexiness.

    Oh and I counted 18 "Uh/Um"s in the video. LOL

  4. 18 "UMS" for the win!!! Hahahaha! I seriously gotta work on my communication skillz.

    Totally stoked that you're enjoying the book, Boyish. ;-)

  5. This video was so great!! Love the monkey and your cool bird thing!! You are awesome Kendall!! Yay for the whales!!

  6. I watched the whole thing. The magical blue cock almost made up for the MONKEY STARING AT ME WITH MALICIOUS GLEE THE ENTIRE TIME!

    When my nightmares tonight are full of monkeys, I'll know who to blame.

  7. Not only does this book sound totally awesomesauce, but Kendall Grey seems like such a fun lady! :) Also, with my degree in wildlife conservation, I must agree--GO WHALES!


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