M.R. Merrick’s Top 10 Fave 80s Movies


We wanted to get to know Matty a little better and since he’s such a huge fan of 80’s flicks, we asked what his top 10 favorite movies of the good ‘ol 80s are.  Here goes, Matty take it away!

clip_image002Ahh, the 80’s. Who doesn’t love them? They birthed some of our favorite movies of all time. We had some young Keanu Reeves action with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

clip_image004Robots with feelings? You got it in Short Circuit

clip_image006And let’s not forget singing mermaids Winking smile


  and our not-so-scary, hairy basketball playing Michel J. Fox in Teen Wolf
(Hey look, a hairy beaver!)

And the seemingly mute boy who just sat on his roof until one day, BAM, he was…. The Boy Who Could Fly

clip_image012We had geeks who got the girl, or should I say, “made” the girl, in Weird Science

clip_image014and creepy dudes with skin and finger nail problems in Nightmare on Elm Street 



We can’t forget the cuteness of Milo & Otis

or Mr. Miyagi who taught us about painting fences and stuff in The Karate Kid

The 80’s were full of some pretty damn awesome movies,
like The Never Ending Story
clip_image019 clip_image021
Huge dog that can fly? What? Where have you been all my life?

Oh yeah…in the 80’s…anyways. 

The 80’s, great movies, yes, but none that I loved more than the following:
10. Lethal Weapon/Rain Man
These two are sharing a spot because I don’t like rules and I happen to enjoy both of these very much. Over the top 80’s action, or Tom Cruise being mean to a mentally challenged math genius and then taking advantage of his abilities to count cards at blackjack tables? Both of these movies pretty much rock.

9. Gremlins
I freaking LOVED this movie. I mean really, if you put aside the fact that you can’t feed him after midnight, or ever get him wet because evil, hairless, creepy little evil zombie-like gremlins would spawn from his back and come after you, who would pass up on the opportunity to own a Gizmo. Not this guy.


8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Ooooooh Yeaaaaah. This movie pretty much rocked everybody’s pants off. I didn’t see this movie until I was older, but it became an instant classic for me. It’s one of the few movies from my child hood I can still watch today, and not think “How did I ever enjoy this?”

7. Willow
Nobody talks about this much. I loved this movie. It has Val Kilmer, and a dwarf who is destined to protect a baby. A freaking little person who saves the day! I loved this movie. It has some great Fantasy elements, and some of the characters just make me smile.

6. Batman
Now this was before the years of Christian Bale and his ridiculously deep and over the top Batman voice. This is it. The original. This movie was bad ass in every form. And Michael Keaton still might be my favorite Batman. Plus, Jack Nicholson as The Joker?
Like I said. Bad. Ass.

5. Back To The Future
Michael J. Fox and a pink hover board. Need I say more?

4. The Goonies
Nobody rocks harder than the little Chinese inventor kid, Data. Just saying.
This movie will forever be at the top of my favorites list. Not just for 80’s movies, but movies in general. It’s got comedy, action, adventure, and booby traps. It’s an all-around win.

3 ½. Lost Boys
Whoa! 3 ½ How did this sneak in here? It must be because there are badass freaking vampire’s that scared the crap out of me as a child.  Or perhaps it was the two Corey’s rocking the big screen. Either way, the movie is awesomeness overloaded. I still love watching this movie.

3. The Princess Bride
This movie is hilarious, and has some of the best and most ridiculous writing ever. Pretty much everyone knows at least one quote from this film, and it deserves to be recognized on a huge scale. If you are one of those rock dwellers that hasn’t seen this, you should slap yourself across the face right now. And then go buy it.

2. Labyrinth
David Bowie wears tight pants! Like that’s anything new. How about if he throws a baby in the air in an unsafe manner while singing about dancing magic? WIN! How about little fuzzy goblins?
How about a big goblin with a huge nose who talks funny and like plastic and can’t decide if he’s bad or good? A giant beast that can sing to rocks? How about a little goblin with a VERY impressive mustache who rides a dog?
What about a mythical land where left is right and down is up and everyone talks in riddles?
Yeah, this movie pretty much defines epic. OH! And don’t forget about the one and only adorable talking worm!!!!

1. Top Gun
Tom Cruise has about a handful of must-see 80’s movies,
none more so than this, in my opinion. Cocktail is great, but it doesn’t have what this movie does.
Everyone loves Goose.
Plus Val Kilmer as the jerk, with abnormally large and overly whitened teeth. clip_image064
And for all you ladies, there’s a bunch of guys who get sweaty and play volleyball.
But really, it’s Top Gun, what else can I say about this movie? It takes you to the Danger Zone. Did you see what I did there? I know, I’m funny. Wicked ass jet fighter pilots pit themselves against one another to be the best. So who is the best? If you don’t actually know the answer to that, slap yourself again, this time with a pair of the dirtiest underwear you can find, that don’t belong to you, and make sure you never make this mistake again.

And that my friends, is my top 10 plus a few, must-see 80’s movie list!

Phew, that’s a pretty serious list right there!  Your list includes some of our favorites too!

Thanks to Matt and you guys for hanging with us today and stick around because we have more EXILED and SHIFT awesomeness coming up!


  1. Those are great movie lists. I forgot about a lot of those flicks.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post - whatever it is! :-)

  2. On Lost Boys you forgot to mention the everlasting Kieffer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer as a vampire. ;-)

    Epic List, very similar to my own, Although I would have included The Dark Crystal to share a space with Labyrinth.

  3. That's an awesome list. Andrea-approved.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Kieffer Sutherland in his "pre-save the world in 24 hours over and over again" days! Plus, he's a pretty freaking scary vampire.

    Ahh yes, Dark Crystal. I thought about it, but I thought Labyrinth deserved it's own spot...maybe I should've had a 2 1/2. LOL

    Andrea approved? Hell to the yes!

  5. Yes yes yes!
    I adore 80s movies!
    <3 Bill & Ted.
    What about Dirty Dancing?

  6. Dude Better Off Dead is a Favorite 80's movie, it's totally tubular. Great list guys!

  7. Can I just say how much I freaking love this list!! Those are some of my favorite movies too!! I watch Labyrinth and The Princess Bride monthly!! I so had a stuffed gizmo too!!80's movies are the best. I could add like a million to that list lol!! Love ya Matt!!

  8. So much epicness, where to begin...BATMAN! That movie is great and I still love watching Bill and Ted. I'm ashamed to say this but I only recently watched The Princess Bride for the first time. I know, shame on me but I ended up really liking it.

    I love this post!!

  9. Such a great post and awesome pick of movies. Princess Bride and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are definitely my favorite movies on this whole list C:

  10. Juju, I had Dirty Dancing on there, but in fear of losing my Man Card, I took it off. I thought I'd have the time of my life all by my lonesome. Hahaha.

    Rain - John Cusack is wicked, although I admit to having never seen that one. *hides*

    Amy - Glad you approve! You had a stuffed Gizmo? I'm severely jealous...I still have my stuffed Alf, but no Gizmo. I am now, officially on the hunt for one.

    Paranormal - The important thing here, is that you've seen it. Even if it was just recently!

  11. Great list! Loved the Labyrinth, but I am ashamed to say I've never seen Top Gun. I so need to!

    Also you totally could have maintained your Man Card and listed Dirty Dancing! The hubs refuses to watch with me which I find to be a travesty.

  12. Seriously Matt, you had me squeeing all the way through the post, and then BAM. Top Gun. *sigh* LOL...I LOVE most of your choices though. So epic. I have a color storybook of Labyrinth that is as old as the movie. It's a treasure of mine!

  13. Rie - You have never seen Top Gun? I'm tearing up at that sadness.

    Smash - And do you have a problem with Top Gun? Are you kidding me? I will totally send you a severed foot if you say you hate top gun. Kidding... kind of.

  14. OMG! I love them ALL! Are you kidding! MY FREAKING KIDS LOVE them too, well.. the more "kid" approved ones!
    The little mermaid was the first movie I seen as a kid, in theaters, That shit... rocks!
    Yeah a lot of guys get sweaty playing volleyball matt, but many don't look like that... *=)*
    They Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, The Lost Boys.. *Sigh* what memories ~
    BUT come on.. You left out LEGEND! *Tisk Tisk*

    Did you just say hello?
    No, I said Ello! But thats close enough.**

  15. Loving this list! Especially the fact that Top Gun holds the #1 spot. My Dad's nickname for me and my sister is Goose and Maverick. True story. =)

  16. Nice list! Love Top Gun - could watch that again and again. Thanks for the memories there!


  17. Those are some great picks! Love em'! I do have to ask though: Have you seen The Breakfast Club? This should be on the list! Haha! :-)

  18. Great list! Top Gun, yeah baby! Gremlins, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Karate Kid, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off...epic movies! I've been introducing these movies to my kids, and they love them too!

  19. Loretta - Hahaha. I say that line in his voice ALL the time. That and "My name is HOGGLE!" LOL

    Jen - Your dad actually called you that? I'm kind of jealous. I want someone to call me Maverick... :)

    Amber - I'm choosing to not answer that question. I have more books to write and don't need "Death by stoning for having never seen..." written on my gravestone.

    1. Matty...Matty...Matty. I can't believe you haven't watched that movie. You seriously need to rent it. Just sayin...

    2. Oh and I forgot to say on my original comment that The Lost Boys was filmed in my home town :-)

    3. LOL! I wish I could say I was the one being called Maverick but alas I'm Goose and she's Maverick. *sigh*

  20. I love that Top Gun is a chick flick poorly disguised as an action movie. haha you have some true classics on your list there.

  21. I think I have seen every single movie on that list.. I freaking love that list! I actually just watched Back to the Future the other day and now have the sudden urge to go watch Gremlins.

  22. OMG!!! Matt!!!! This is an EPIC list of movies! PERFECT list.... You forgot Breakfast Club and Little Monsters.... ;) but I forgive you because you added Princess Bride!!

  23. Colleen - It's all about the Bromance! LOL But he lost his wingman, and not just any wingman. Goose! Haha.

    Book Flame - I had the urge to watch Gremlins when I wrote this post! Actually, I had the urge to watch a lot of those movies haha.

    Bookish - OMG! You're totally right, Little Monsters was epic! Tiny Fred Savage and giant Howie Mandel with horns who turns into dirty laundry at the sight of light? Oh, and the epic portal to a world full on monsters, underneath a bed! Oh man, I forgot all about that movie. Epic.

    Jen - Hey, Maverick is a nobody without Goose!


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