Bloggiesta Wrap Up Day 2

Wowzers! What an incredibly productive weekend! We loved working on the blog and catching up on all the not-so-little things we've sort of been neglecting ...ignoring.. conveniently forgetting, lol.
We had a pretty big list that just kept getting bigger as the weekend progressed, but luckily we crossed off the majority of them, including some pretty big ones. The ones that are left are totally manageable and will be getting crossed off the list as we go working on them throughout the week.

To Do List:
  • Catch up on ALL our emails - Not quite caught up yet! This will be a work in progress!
  • Update all our network buttons - Need our designer's help with this one!
  • Update our Blog Roll (it has mysteriously vanished and I think it's a sign that it needs a refresher)
  • Add some nifty little banners of our favorite series...just for the pretties! 
  • Possibly add a "Bloggy Events" section to our sidebar
  • Make sure all our gadgets are updated and working properly
  • Update HTML code so followers can leave threaded comments - Will probably need help with this one!
  • Organize Google Reader
  • Clean up post tags
  • Make some progress on our Super Sekrit Project for April
  • Work on reviews and set up tours for April - Set up done, reviews pending!
  • Update our "Reviews" tab so that it functions like an Index 
  • Make sure all reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon - Still gotta update Amazon.
  • Possibly organize a giveaway to find new homes for old books - Leaving this for another time.
  • Add ‘Blog Soulmate’ Index 
  • Email Authors for R.A.K. - Work in progress!
  • Interview for Crazy Bookworm
  • 5x5 Interview for Good Golly, Miss Holly
  • Questionnaire for Blogger Confidential 
  • RA.K. March-Wrap Up Post
  • R.A.K April Sign-Up Post
  • Clock Rewinders Post
  • B♥S ‘Super Sekrit Project’ Launch Post
  • Finish ‘Super Sekrit Project’ button
  • Vicky Dreiling Blog Tour Post - Will work on this week!
  • Work on ideas for Birthday event - Work in progress!
  • Visit our fave blogs and comment more often - Always!

And there you have it! We're pretty darn proud that we've been able to accomplish so much :)
We LOVE Bloggiesta and are already looking forward to the next one!
Did you join in on the fun as well?
If so, leave us your Bloggiesta link below. We'd love to see everything you've accomplished too!



  1. Awesome that you got so much done. I didn't finish all I wanted to but I did quite a bit. Here's my link

    Can't wait until next year!!!

  2. You rocked the Bloggiesta this weekend! Way to go! I'm so thrilled I'm not the only one who "conveniently forgets" things. Hehe.

    SO so glad you joined in this time and glad to hear you're planning on participating again in September! yay!

  3. Way to go! It sounds as though you finished or made progress on practically everything!

  4. Way to go on all of your progress!!

  5. you did amazing!!! Look at all that`s crossed off!!!!!

  6. Wow, you had such a long list of things to work on! Congrats on everything you accomplished. It was fun chatting on twitter. I hope you get more of your emails sorted through :)

  7. Looking at your list is making me think I forgot to add a couple million things to mine. LOL!! Excellent work. I love the new Awesome Bloggy Events Buttons. Great work.

  8. Whoa, you guys did great! You got so much stuff done (: I really hope I'll get as much done as you next Bloggiesta ^^

  9. were certainly productive. I love weekends like this when I can devote my undivided attention to the blog and not feel guilty - everyone else is doing it - and then to go around and see what everyone else is doing. It's great and I already started my list for next time!

  10. Good job on getting most of your list done! I participated as well, it was really fun and I can't wait for the next one too :)
    Here's my link:

  11. Wow. KUDOS to you ladies! I am so envious. :)

  12. For threaded comments, if you are using Blogger comments, they added this feature to be automatic. You just need to "refresh" the template. Great instructions here:


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