#DivergentNation is on the loose!

Still NOT enough Insurgent for you?  Well, check out the INSANELY, RIDICULOUSLY COOL stuff that other bloggers are working on:

Team Amity is currently recruiting members! Interested parties can sign up on their Google Form. In exchange for their loyalty, the first 40 people to sign up for Team Amity will receive swag (good stuff, they promise!), and every person that signs up will get a "Four Thinks I'm Beautiful" bookmark. Team members will receive an email from their faction leader with graphics to post on their website. #TeamAmity members will also receive 5 extra entries into their mega contest that will be announced on Monday, 4/9. Team members can post one of their awesome graphics on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If they make a blog post about joining Team Amity, they will receive extra entries to the BIG giveaway. They will also be eligible for more special prizes throughout the month.

Many members of our faction are having individual giveaways on their blogs:
1 ARC of INSURGENT and 2 Pre-Orders of INSURGENT (Hippies Beauty and Books Oh My!)
1 Pre-order of INSURGENT (Better Read Than Dead)

The link that we are trying to promote is http://bit.ly/AmityFaction OR http://bit.ly/choose_amity

We will be adding more individual giveaways, and have some very special challenges in store for Team Amity members. We are, after all, the faction of peace, love, and fun!


Right now we are giving away a NOOK with an INSURGENT ebook. That will last all month long. People can enter once a day by going to http://www.divergentfans.com/ or visiting any of the Dauntless team members' blogs.

If people sign up for the street team they can win...
- Signed copy of DIVERGENT
- Copy of INSURGENT (from The Book Depository)
- HUGE box of ARCs (to be announced soon -US/CA only)
- The Hunger Games (paperback)
- Swag packs (including FACTION TATTOOS) each week

We are giving away a book a day and we will tweet the links to those giveaways daily. There are a few other BIG, AWESOME giveaways we will be posting each week. The next one is coming up Monday!

And, as always, it really helps if people can visit ...

Dauntless Tumblr page:    http://bit.ly/dauntlessfaction
HarperTeen's Insurgent page:     http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless
and tweet with #TeamDauntless and #Dauntlessfaction to help us out.

Our Blog Information:

There are many giveaway going on right now and many are selflessly giving away their ARC of Insurgent.

Tuesdays will be their day of letting the world wide web know of the challenges that they're doing to do service in the community. This week has been service to animals. It will be changing from week to week and there will also be some mini-challenges.  They are so selfless and focused on doing good for our fellow men. We want to give back to the community , and also share about the book too. 

Here is my post about this week's challenge : 

Giveaways going on : 

Erudite Faction News on Tumblr
Bit.ly/Choose_Erudite & Bit.ly/eruditefaction 

Even if Erudite got a bad name in Divergent, they're not actually evil. Just a few, but hey, every faction has a few bad eggs, right? 

Joining the Erudite gets you:
  • A chance to win one of two signed Insurgent.
  • A chance to win a $25 gift card donated from the others in our faction.
  • A personalized thank you email from your faction leader.
  • A grab bag of swag from your faction leader.
  • A BOX of ARCs donated from your faction leader.
  • More prizes to come
So, you want to help them win do you? But for those of you who are just a little hesitant, there are a few giveaways available for you! And it's a giveaway with brains! Here's what's up for grabs:
1 Grand Prize Winner will receive a signed (and personalized by request) copy of Insurgent from Veronica's local indie bookstore.
2 1st Place Winners will receive either a paperback of Divergent or a hardback of Insurgent. Their choice. 
1 2nd Place Winner will receive a $10 dollar gift card to a book retailer of their choice.
3 3rd Place Winners will receive a swag pack. (Note: this is not a Divergent/Insurgent themed swag pack, just whatever swag I have available.)

And check out these giveaways from lots of other #TeamErudite members!
O'Dell at Book Twirps is giving away 2 hardcover copies of Insurgent! But wait, there's more: if #TeamErudite wins, he will double the giveaway to 4 hardcover copies, how awesome is that? Enter here.
Lyndsey at Strangemore is giving away a signed copy of Divergent as well as a preorder of Insurgent. Enter here.
Pam, of Bookalicious, our smart faction leader is giving away 3 signed preorders of Insurgent! Enter here.

Who is Team Erudite?
is Team Leader
Book Chic
Book Twirps
The Bookanistas
Read Breathe Relax
Reading Lark
Book Swarm
The Non Reluctant Reader

Candor Faction News on Tumblr
 Where to find Team Candor? http://bit.ly/candorfaction or http://bit.ly/choose_candor

The Story Siren is Team Leader
Novel Novice
Dreaming in Books
Good Choice Reading
Harmony’s Radiant Reads
IB Book Blogging
Imaginary Reads
The Irish Banana Review
Two Chicks on Books
Word Spelunkingis hosting a giveaway

So for you NON-team members like us *curls into fetal position and cries*, I hope this list helps you decide which team you will support!

Good luck and ROCK ON #DivergentNation!


  1. Thank you so so much for posting this :) I'm sure it helps people to know what's going on and the links to where they can get more information.

    You're the best! <3

  2. Great informative post. I am totally #TeamDauntless. Woot!!

  3. Great informative post. I am totally #TeamDauntless. Woot!!

  4. Thanks for the post, i found it really useful.


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