Blogger Group Chat: Exiled by M.R. Merrick


As we mentioned on our "Month of Indie Epicness" launch post, every Friday we're going to feature an awesomesauce blogger chat where Isalys and some other fabulous bloggers get together to discuss the "indie book of the week".  Here's our EXILED chat:

Isalys / Book Soulmates
Ashley / The Bookish Brunette
Amy / Book Loving Mom
Smash / Smash Attack Reads!
Loretta / Between The Pages

So ladies, help me get this party started.  What did you think of Exiled?

Amy:  I think Exiled was epic!! I love me some action, and this book is full of it. I have been really enjoying male protagonists too so I loved that about it. I also love how ALL of the characters are great. The focus is obviously on Chase, but we really get to know the other characters well too.

Loretta: I really loved Exiled. I thought that M.R.Merrick’s writing was amazing. I really felt like I was in the story. I loved how throughout the book the characters grew as individuals. I loved how the book focused on the story. And not “romance”. Rayna is of course bad ass, and Chase is an amazing MC.

Amy:  I totally agree about the characters growing as individuals. I liked how even as they grew as individuals though, they also grew as a group. I so love Rayna. She is completely bad ass!!

Loretta: Rayna is very bad ass! She means business, and gets the job done.

Isalys: Rayna has become one of my favorite characters. She definitely has a vulnerable side but still knows how to kick ass and take names.  I just started Shift and don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but I’m liking the sparks between her and Chase ;)

Amy: OMG, Shift is freaking amazeballs. I thought I loved Exiled, but Shift is even more awesome! Anyway, back to Exiled, I also really love Willy. He is one of my favorite characters. I liked the friendship that he forms with Chase.

Ashley: Vincent is my FAV. He rocks my FACE off. Exiled & Shift BOTH received EPIC Crowned reviews from this Brunette. By far two of my favorite reads ever!

Loretta: VINCENT is amazing. I loved him as a character as well! He was hilarious.

Isalys: Vincent is “no holds barred” and it cracks me up.  Is that how that saying goes? lol

Loretta: Also Willy! I think that Willy is a terrific character. He is so “there for you” but, scared shit-less! Shift is beyond amazing. I love where that story went, and yes... the “sparks” of tension between Rayna and Chase is killing me! Looking forward to see where Matt takes it in the next installment!

Smash: You ladies and your colors are hilarious! I was wooed by the cover of Exiled, and I did not know what I would find within its pages. I was so very impressed with the world-building and characterization. Plus, the story is just damn heart-breaking and ass-kicking.  Matt’s writing grows incredibly between Exiled and Shift. Mucho impressed!

Ash: I think Matt’s writing was amazing in both Shift and Exiled... but this is not the first time I’ve heard of his “writing growth” so it’s possible that I just have no idea what I’m talking about! ;)

Smash: Nah chic. His writing had to be good to bring us all back for seconds. ;) I could feel the growth, see it, taste, envision it. Chase was a completely different person, the action scenes, the plot, the romantic tension, all of it was just better. There is always room for improvement. :D

Ash: Chase had been completely devastated by the tragedy at the end of Exiled, and I think that had to do with his personality differences... He was obviously angrier... well not ANGRY... what’s the word? Maybe...

Smash: Vengeful? Out for blood? lol  

Ash: No... like not MAD... sad... grieving... although he was all those. More... just, “I’m DONE.” Quick to react...

Smash: Anger is usually the surface emotion shown when one feels grief, sadness, etc. And yea, he was hella impulsive.

Ash: IMPULSIVE!!! That’s what I was trying to think of!

Smash: Hot temper and all. heh.

Ash: This is going to turn into an Ash & Smash show... lol

Smash: I just told those hookers to get in here, if they are available...

Isalys: I’m here and I love that you just called us hookers...waddup foo?! Gotta catch up on the convo.

Ash: Alright, so Vincent...  I want to talk about how he ROCKED my face off and why no one else likes him! He’s totally my FAV! I swear we were separated at birth!

Amy: I like him,  just not as much as some of the other characters. I found interactions with him entertaining.

Smash: You ladies go ahead and gush. He is not a favorite, though he is humorous! And yea, you were separated at birth, Ash...totally. *snicker*

Ash: Dude, we were. Take no prisoners, take no shit. Kill or be killed yo. He’s an EPIC win.

Loretta: I loved him! I think they he was a fantastic character. Hilarious.
Ash: RIGHT????

Amy: Agreed!!

Smash: Did anyone love little Rai as much as I did? I need a Rai in my life! ♥ *crickets* LMAO 

Ash: OMG!! I totally loved Rai! She rocks dude! I totally think she could wipe out the zombie horde all on her own!

Amy: Haha! Yeah she could!!
Smash: ZOMG! A Rai zombie killa!
Amy: Epicness!!!!

Ash: Shhhyea it is!!! Okay, okay... here’s my Vincent quote, I LOVED this!!!
“My god you should have that… condition looked at. Just hearing your voice makes me want to rip off my own ears… or your throat.” ~Vincent 

Isalys: Best quote!

Loretta: hahahah! Yes, that shit was EPIC! Poor Willy.

Smash: YES! (ref: Vincent) That is one of his best lines. His snark and cold-ass, dry humor was great.

Amy: Hahaha!! Loved that line.

Ash: Oh I know! I felt so bad for Willy!!! But I mean REALLY... It’s clearly obvious that Vincent steals the show! lol

Loretta: Me too. Willy was such a great little scaredy pants. He was a good FRIEND though.

Smash: A damn good friend, though torn by his "new" family in Shift. Willy certainly changed, personality-wise. I was hella blown away.

Amy: It’s so hard to not feel bad for him. I definitely was cheering for him in Shift though!

Ash: Dude, Willy KICKED ass toward the end though!!!! And SERIOUSLY- I am FREAKING the EFF out with that ending!!!! DYING to know what happens next!!!! Oooh I have another quote... ONE more sec!! Gotta grab my kindle and possibly some skittles..

Loretta: <my god I am eating them #FTW> Ash: #SkittleVamp FTW

NOTE: Before we continue, I have to warn you that this is where our train derails and we all go chat crazy and to this I say, “Two drops in a bucket…fuck it!”  ENJOY!

YES He did. He rocked that shit. Me too! From Willy, to Chase & Rayna... My god, will they just hook up already! (*Wink*) ← DYING for some Rayna/Chase action... SERIOUSLY. *dies*  ← Exactly!! ←Wait?  So no YA nookie in Shift? No! My god. They need to in book 3. I mean really! Just FREAKING HAVE SEX ALREADY! I mean the books are really freaking amazing without all the relationship junk. but seriously. we want it. Rayna is already bad ass... Can you imagine them, if they you know.. release some of that built up crap. =)

The tension between those two was OUTSTANDING in Shift. Just the perfect level of UMPH. :D I’m still in the beginning of Shift and I was all excited for the almost kiss and then “hello interruption” *facepalm* I cursed LOUDLY at Matt for that scene! Good!!! lol

Def. They have some major tension going on in Shift. They need to umm, well, never mind ← No. They DO. Screw being YA. Cross genre this shit!!! That’s what I’m saying!!! Give us some good stuff. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with them having sex, I mean they’re old enough. It doesn’t need to be all uber-graphic but the “almost kiss” was NOT enough! There are plenty of YA books where the characters have sex and it’s not all in your face lol! Agreed!  Hey Matt, take notes *wink wink* Lol!! RIGHT?!!! That’s what I was thinking too. ;)

Personally, I wouldn’t mind teaching Chase the ropes *whistles* oops. Did I say that outloud? I’ve already look like a major cougar over this dude. Wait.... Dude, you are SOOOOO sharing chase with me if you plan to show him the ropes. #JustSayin. ← hahahaha! Yes, yes! This sounds like it’s getting a bit kinky. RAWR!!! *snort* We’re a bunch of dirty bitches, yo! lol ← hey what can I say. We all must love the sex scenes. ;) Dirty bitches FTW! Who doesn’t love some good sex scenes?

I wanna kick back and have a beer with Rayna...that chick is way cool! Me too!! Girls night!!! Rayna is epic. She is just an amazing kick ass character. Takes no shit. Chic is fierce with a capital F. She is uber confused aboutf who and what she is, and she has an attitude to back up all that anger and resentment. I adore how she and Chase first meet, and how their relationship grows from there on out. It’s beautiful and funny to witness. Absolutely! I love that they start off so rough around the edges because it makes reading about their growth that much more fun! Ooooh, Rayna is such a badass! She so is! I love kick-ass heroines.  The whiny ones annoy me!

No one has mentioned Tiki.  I haven’t finished Shift yet but based on the scene at Revelations, he’s got some alien swagger going on, lol. Tiki is hilarious! I find his newfound love of clubbing (not seals, but dancing) hysterical, but his character makes me tear up a bit at times. I didn’t get ‘alien’ vibes. What about when his DEMON comes out dude?!?!?! HOLY... Holy is right!!  Not alien like little green men, alien as in not human, lol.  Should we call it Demon Swagger? LOL Well, he was a half demon... Shifter. You know?  Shifter Swagger? Eff it, we’ll just say knows how to put the moves on a lady ;-) Right? Just NOT ‘alien’... I don’t like other planet ‘aliens’... *cue Smash yelling*  ← ha! “ET, phone home”

Tiki is hot. WELL "my" Tiki is, more so I think!  Matt tried to steal my Tiki character I made on tour. He was yummy =) Tiki totally didn’t ‘do it’ for me in the super hot dept.  Like I LOVED his character...but I didn’t want to do ridiculously illegal things to him like I want to do to Chase... hehe LMAO! HAHA. Chase was do-worthy. Very do-worthy. Just the Tiki I "made" was do-worthy, haha I just picked a hot guy and gave him orange eyes, but shit.. Tiki seems.. like he could be fun too.. I liked Tiki too!! He is pretty freaking funny sometimes! And besides, the dude doesn’t like clothes very much and I’m all about that. (Right? *wink*) I like Tiki as a character, but not a book boyfriend!  I keep picturing him w/ linen pants and a rope belt and I’m like, "NO NO NO!" (← OMG, hilarious) Rayna is SMART for wanting to take dude shopping. Yeah I don’t think of him in a want to jump his bones way either. I just thought his character was fun. Not that I want him without clothes, I just respect it that he doesn’t like them much. Did anyone else think of Night at the Roxbery with that first clubbing scene where he’s sporting an animal print shirt? LMAO Hahaha!  Now that you say that... I totally am imagining that.

Omg yes Isa!! hahah that is hilarious!! hold on. Is Isa blue? Yes :) Hi! Hello darling! =)

Only we would turn Month of Indie Epicness into soft core porn. Yes...THIS is truth! We are just awesome like that!! Soft Porn!! Yes, we are epic! Right he is going to be like WTF... this is all about.. getting it on.. (You damn right, make it happen MATT!)

I can’t wait til Matt reads all this! I could only imagine what he’ll think of our conversation, lolI’ve already professed my love for Chase and said inappropriate things about him. Whatevs.  Matt will totally love this!! He already knows how epic we all are, so I don’t think he would expect anything less from us.  Never. He better not think anything less.. kick his ass. He would never go up against all of us. He wouldn’t stand a chance!!  Right!! You guys totally underestimate Matt... He’d totally take us all on... Not that he’d win- but he’d TOTALLY give it a go! lol You can't mess wit dis posse!

Smash: So, let’s talk Chase! What a rockstar. He starts off a wild card, not knowing how to reign in his intense emotions (and believe me, this young man has every right to feel these emotions), but by the end of Shift, I was left going “Who was that guy?” His growth is incredible. So much so that I no longer see him as a broken young man searching for any semblance of family, but as a strong young man who has made his own damn family. All he is missing is a wife...*le sigh*

Loretta: He did grow a lot throughout the book(s). I thought is was a great aspect to his character.

Isalys: I love how strong he is in spite of his circumstances! I’m really impressed with how he’s able to stand up to Riley as much as he has! He internalizes a lot but it’s all understandable and he seems to be opening up a lot to Rayna & Marcus which is good! Yes. He needs therapy and they can provide the outlet. :) LOL. But seriously, dude has been through a LOT. Yeah he has. I know if I went through all that shit, I would have had a complete breakdown.

Amy: OMG yes!! The character growth Chase has is amazing. Despite everything he goes through, he stays strong. I like how in Shift he learns to not hold it all in. He does a fantastic job at dealing with everything. And the things he went through at the end of Exiled, really shaped him as his character in Shift. I totally agree. He has a lot to deal with mentally, but he doesn’t lose himself. Right. He really finds himself. His growth was a great thing in Shift.

Smash: All in all, this series is really, REALLY good. It’s got action, interesting characters with growth, wicked world-building, heat-felt (heat-felt? yeah, there were some of those too *snort*) LMFAO. Ok, HEART-felt scenes and heart-breaking moments, plus so much more. And it has Chase. *Schwing* *giggle* Freudian slip? Me, have a Freudian slip? I own Freud, yo.

Loretta: For me The Protectors series has been amazing. No other way to put it. I think that Matt Merrick has really created such fantastic characters that have so much personality. I feel so connected to them. And I love learning new things about them, and seeing them grow. Matthew’s writing style is fabulous. You could imagine everything perfectly, never being overwhelmed. I was constantly turning the pages, wanting to know, having to know what was going to happen next. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series. As I know, Matthew will deliver us with so much more epicness that our socks will get blown off.. completely.

Amy: This series just totally blew me away!! I love action, and this had so much of it, but didn’t lack character connection. I find that with a lot of books it’s one or the other, but this is the whole package!! Great story, great characters, and leaves you dying for the next book.

Ash: Dude... this series, is MIND blowingly EPIC. It’s an action/adventure, fantasy, paranormal, young adult blend of AWESOME! The characters are completely and utterly fabulous, each with their own unique personality and super fabulous traits that totally set them apart from each other. The fight scenes are some of the BEST I’ve ever read... All in all- The Protector series belongs among the BEST of the BEST.

Isalys: FYI - I love how one minute we’re all smexing Chase and drinking beer w/ Rayna and the next we’re like professional reviewers again, LOL! Hehe!! So true!! We got it all out of our systems... now, time for professionalism.. *let’s begin*.. again ;)

Ash: I never claimed to be a professional reviewer... ;)

Smash: I’m still smexing up Chase! Always and foreva! ← Freak =)

Really makes you want to read EXILED and SHIFT now, doesn't it?  Well, you can visit our GIVEAWAY post and enter here for your own e-copies of each :)

That was seriously fun and now you know why I love ALL these girls like whoa!! 
Next week we'll be discussing DESCENDED BY BLOOD by Angeline Kace so stay tuned :)


  1. OMG we are so friggin EPIC!! This post is hilarious. I need to really "talk" more in the next chat. I can't wait to see all the comments for this post. ;) Great job with it Isa. It must have been a super pain in the ass!!

  2. You promised EPIC-ness, and you delivered. Poor Matt, trying to read through all this. HAHAHAHA! Sounds like you all really enjoyed the book. This is awesome. :-)

  3. Holy crap... We are freaking AMAZING right?!?! This is what happens when we have EPIC books to discuss!!!

  4. You guys are absolutely hilarious, I can just hear each of you talking and it makes me want to drive to wherever all of you are and move in with you. We could have a whole house of bloggers. Think about it. It would be amazing:) Clearly, I need to read Exiled and Shift!

  5. OMG! This just made me laugh. Then I let hubby read it, and he said were are very professional Pervs ;) Loved how it turned out!!!
    Exiled & Shift ROCK!

  6. I can't believe that I just read the whole thing ;) Loved the 'derailed' warning - very appropriate. This was epic. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. I loved this series and can't wait until Matt comes out with the next one. Speaking of which, it's about time I bug him about that again. I've given him a long enough break from my harassment now. And as for your next discussion? I have Descended by Blood on my Kindle so I guess I better move it up on my TBR list. Thanks ladies!

  7. Wow. Re-reading this is even better than doing the live-time chat! I had such a blast and cannot wait for the next one! HOLLA to Matt's epicness. ♥

  8. What a NEAT idea! It's like listening in on a book club; a crazy ass awesome cool book club!!! I didn't know what to expect but I couldn't stop reading and had a blast!!! Thanks, ladies!!!

  9. You guys are hilarious!!!!! Loved Exiled and Shift was even better! Favorite character was Rai for sure! Well I'm pretty attached to Chase as well.



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