Clock Rewinders 04.29.12


Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is the weekly recap feature created byAmanda @ On a Book Bender and Tara @ 25 Hour Books, where they shamelessly plug each other, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else they’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books they plan on reading in the coming week.

Book Soulmates Post Recap:

  • J.L. Bryan was a our AUTHOR BLOG SOULMATE of the week.
  • NEW RELEASES for week of April 24, 2012
  • We announced WINNERS for the INHALE USB drives from Kendall Grey.
  • Isalys 5-star REVIEW of "Jenny Pox" by J.L Bryan.
  • Book Soulmates and J.L. Bryan are GIVING AWAY (1) set of Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare e-books.
  • J.L. Bryan shares with is a LETTER TO JENNY from her soulmate on his guest post.
  • Our FINAL BLOGGER CHAT where the girls discuss the epicness of Jenny Pox.
      Book Soulmates News:
      • We're getting romantical on Book Soulmates with two historical romance blog tours this week plus a very cool promo from Kendall Grey about her passion for whales and inspiration for INHALE.
      • Went to the SPRING INTO THE FUTURE book event at Books & Books in Coral Gables and met Veronica Rossi and
      • We practically never get cool, funny or interesting search terms but one did pop up this week that we had to share with you guys.  Ok, you ready?
        "header erotic audio"
        What the hell does this mean and how did it lead to our site?  Oh, the mysteries of the internet.
        Books We Got:
        • Isalys bought copies of "Under the Never Sky" by Veronica Rossi and "Shatter Me" by
              Books We Read:
                Around the Blogosphere:
                • Well, if you didn't know that The Story Siren was busted for plagiarizing, then you've clearly been living under rock, lol.  We're not going to get into it or provide upteen links to the influx of posts over the topic.  The whole thing turned into one giant pissing contest between her supporters/minions and those who wanted to tar and feather her.  Bottom line, what she did was wrong but it happened and seems like just about everyone is ready to move on now. Just know that the girls of Book Soulmates do NOT condone or excuse her actions (regardless of how popular she is) and we will be NOT be supporting her blog in any way.  That's how WE choose to take our stand on the matter!
                • So, are you a fan of Andrew Smith?  Well, if you are or if you aren't, you guys needs to check out this RAD announcement for our homegirl's Smash 'n friends 4-month long read-a-long feature.  Click on the image for details.
                • The next round of Bout of Books is coming up on 5/14-5/20. Click on the image for information and sign-ups.


                1. All you have to do is put that search term back in Google and see what comes up. Heh. :)

                2. I've got to carve out some time to read Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare and Alexander Death. I have them all, just need to make it happen.

                3. That search term is weird and creepy.

                  Thank you SO much for the shout out!!

                4. I got "how to have sex with a kitty" once. Dear heavens that one still scares me to this day...

                  The Week at Book Brats!

                5. I'm reading Immortal Rules at the moment and despite my current anti-YA mood and general meh-ness towards paranormal and dystopia, it's actually getting really really good so yeah.. Worth being bullied into reading!

                6. Smash did the same for me. I read her review and it was all the stuff she said about the world-building that completely won me over. Though...I was actually planning on reading it anyway...

                7. I've been eyeballing Under the Never Sky. It sounds like it's right up my alley.

                  I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Immortal Rules. I am SO ready for the next book in the series.

                8. @Carrie: Pretty much my thoughts exactly!

                  @Amanda: I'm a little skeered to type "header erotic audio" into Google. Lordy knows what I'll end up with, lol.

                  @Smash: Way creepy and sooooo random! And you're so welcome ;)

                  @Megan: Ewwww!! That's disturbing on so very many levels!

                  @Hannah, Rubita & Kelly: Yeah, Smash is really good at her book bullying biz. I can't read it this week cuz I'm committed to a few others, but soon...very SOON!! lol


                9. I adore Stacia Kane's books and really loved both Sacrificial Magic and Chasing Magic, so I hope you'll feel similiar about them!!

                  Patricia // My Week in Review

                10. That is a creepy search term *shudders*

                  Bookbully Smash also got me all pumped up to read The Immortal Rules and I think she did the same with my friend Andy (the one we had dinner with after the Mafi/Rossi signing). Smash has been working bookbully overtime.

                  ♥JJ iReads♥ | My Clock Rewinders Post

                11. Wow! So much stuff going on! Thanks for the re-cap.


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