The Dating Game with Jaren & Mirko


Good morning ladies and welcome to a very special event! Today, we are pleased to host THE DATING GAME with special guests Jaren and Mirko from Descended by Blood.

Our bachelors will be asked a series of questions that they each have to answer and YOU, our bachelorettes have to decide which is the BOOK BOYFRIEND for you :)

Sound like a plan? Good! Let's get started, shall we?
 *cue cheesy 70's game show music*

**Warning: Although the book is YA, this dating game has been turned into something a little steamier by the epic chicks involved in this event**
  1. If you could take your girl on a dream date, what would you do?
    Bachelor #1: The sky is the perfect backdrop for a romantic, sensual date. The stars, the sunset or sunrise, dark brooding clouds. All of it. I’d like to take my girl on a hot air balloon ride at sunset. I’d hold her as we float above the trees and across the pinks and blues and purples of the sky. Once we land, we’d set out to a nice spot with wild flowers. I’d lay down a blanket and we’d have a picnic. Chocolate strawberries are a must have. Then we’d play 43 kisses. It’s a game were you kiss 43 different ways. From French kissing, to passing ice back and forth while you kiss, to barely touching lips and gently sucking air from the other person.
    Hostess: Wow, bachelor # 1...that sounds incredibly romantic. What about you # 2?

    Bachelor #2: I’d take her for a paragliding ride. We’d jump off a mountain in tandem then fly across fields or a forest before descending to the ground. Once we’re in a secluded spot, I’d pull out a blanket and edible body paints. We could paint on the back, the stomach, the shoulder, the neck, the calf, the wrist. Then lick the paint off.
    Hostess: *fans self* Excuse me while I catch my breath. Ok, next question.

  2. Leather or Lace?
    Bachelor #1:
    Lace. Nothing is sexier than a lacy bra with lace boy shorts to curve around her hips and butt.
    Hostess: Very nice! And you bachelor # 2, which do you prefer?

    Bachelor #2:
    Both. Lace gives an image of a good girl acting naughty, while leather is the bad girl through and through. Both are equally fun. *wink*
    Hostess: It's all in how you use it, right sugar? Moving along.

  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good of a kisser are you?
    Bachelor #1: 
    A 10. The things I can do with my tongue could amaze any girl.
    Hostess: Someone is sure of himself *wink*

    Bachelor #2: A 10. A kiss says a lot about a person and gives insight to how good they are in other areas. It’s kind of like dancing. Someone who can move their body on the dance floor can move it the right way at other times. When I kiss a girl, it’s more than a kiss. It’s a seduction.
    Hostess: What are you doing Friday night?  I kid...kind of.

  4. If your girl got a tattoo, what would you want it to be of?
    Bachelor #1:
    It would depend on the girl. It would have to be something elegant, though. Not a Disney character or something like that. And placement is important too. I like ribs tats, wrist tats, and top of the foot tats. All are sensual places on a girl and with the right tat, it could really accentuate those areas.
    Hostess: Good answer...I especially like the rib tats. 

    Bachelor #2: If the girl wanted to get a tattoo, I wouldn’t stop her, but I’d prefer no tattoos. My reason being that the flesh of a woman is gorgeous and sexy. When I look at her, I want my eyes to be able to trace her body without being interrupted by art. Nothing is sexier than bare skin.
    Hostess: So you like your ladies au naturale?  Can't argue with that.

  5. What do you think guys misunderstand the most about girls?
    Bachelor #1:
    I think most girls just want to have someone listen to them.
    Hostess:  Yes, they do!  What do you think # 2?

    Bachelor #2: That they don’t think about sex as much or more than we do. Because they do!
    Hostess:  Well after this survey, I'd say that's a given! HA!
And that wraps up our questionnaire. What do you think bachelorettes? Who is your dream date?

If you chose bachelor # 1, then your book boyfriend is Jaren...our all-American boy toy.
If you chose bachelor # 2, then your book boyfriend is Mirko...our hunky, foreign vampire.

To grab your team button and proudly display it on your blog, visit Angeline Kace's WEBSITE for the code.

A special THANK YOU to our co-conspirators Smash Attack Reads!, The Bookish Brunette, Between the Pages, Book Loving Mom and of course Angeline Kace herself for helping put this post together :) You ladies are rocksauce!!

Thanks for joining us!
Stay tuned for more Jaren, Mirko and Descended by Blood greatness!


  1. Wow....I really couldn't figure out who was who! I liked both sets of answers. A lot. :)

  2. I couldn't choose!! Who would have thought that Jaren would have answers I actually enjoyed. I happen to have tattoos on my wrist ribs and top of my foot lol! Damn, I should have kept my skin bare for Mirko!! ;) I am all for the body paints too *wink wink*

  3. awesome post!!!! loved it. and jaren definitely held his own, though I'm going to have to steal his game: 43 kisses and use it with bachelor #2 ;)

  4. I am glad I did not CHOOSE! Because MIRKO LIKES BOY SHORTS!!!!! I do not like you Jaren. But, your answers were pretty good!!! ;)
    Great post ladies.


  5. Well I am a Mirko girl all the way and well this just proves it!


  6. I think Jaren is overcompensating a little...come on! We all know Mirko is the BEST! His answers were much more natural and heartfelt while Jarens answers felt like he was trying to prove something ..

  7. LOL!! @ Loretta I do not like Jaren either. He did have some pretty good answers, but I am so a Mirko girl!!! Nothing will change my mind.


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